Comparing and Finding the Right Affordable Medicare supplement plans

Comparing and Finding the Right Affordable Medicare supplement plans


If you need coverage for medical, vision, and dental, then make sure to look at the options offered by Progressive Health by eHealth. The options available are wide. You are looking at more than 13,000 plans from over 180 carriers. Obtain Medicare supplement plans for cheap.


When you pick and purchase a plan through eHealth, it will not cost more than if you purchase it from one of our providers. eHealth is a trusted provider with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you need a plan that best suits your needs and budget, then you should consider getting a recommendation from eHealth.


This provider may also assist you in applying for the Affordable Care Act tax credit. But only in some states that offer it. eHealth is fully committed to help you make an informed decision when it comes to getting the right medical insurance. That’s if you have questions about the Affordable Care Act or how to apply for a government subsidy, then eHealth can assist you with that.


eHealth will also help you answer questions regarding the coverage you need or how to compare plans. You can also ask when to enroll for a plan or which policy you qualify for.


As long as you have the right medical insurance, you are protected from any financial loss. Keep in mind that the average visit to the emergency room would cost more than $5,000. But if you have Medicare supplement plans in place, you can pay for the healthcare cost.


Medicare supplement plans Plans: Individuals and Family Plans


Individual Plans

An individual Medicare supplement plans plan can help you handle the costs if you need to go to your doctor for checkup, preventative care or prescription drug. This type of plan is also useful in helping you pay for outpatient and inpatient treatment. But you need to settle your monthly premium and deductible before your Medicare supplement plans will cover you.


Family Health Plans

As the term suggests, these plans will give coverage for your family. It means that they can give coverage for you, your spouse and children under 26 years. How these plans work is similar to individuals plans.


Short term health plan

This kind of plan is 80% cheaper than most major health plans. It has limited benefits, though. They will not cover you for substance abuse, mental health, as well as maternity leave. It also does not cover you for pre-existing conditions. Its policy length is also shorter than most medical policies. They can cover you for three months to three years.


Dental Insurance Policy

If you need affordable Medicare supplement plans, consider getting it through eHealth. You can obtain a plan with a cost that starts at $8.85 a month. But plans may vary depending on the carrier. Normally, these plans cover preventive and basic care.


Vision Plans

You can obtain a plan as low as $6.99 a month if you get it at eHealth. Many health plans do not cover you for eye care. But if you obtain vision insurance, you can further reduce the overall cost of routine exams. It may also cover eyeglasses and contact lenses.


Affordable Care Act Insurance

When you use eHealth, you can easily apply to a national government Medicare supplement plans plan. Normally, getting this type of plan is difficult. But with the help of eHealth, you can easily apply for it at no extra charge. It ensures that your application will be submitted to the government on time so that you will get approved and obtain the coverage promptly.


HSA Compatible Coverage

HSA plans are cheaper than other plans. The money that you have in your health savings account will be tax-free interest. You may also deduct all your HSA contributions from your tax. However, some plans have a corresponding monthly maintenance fee.


Supplemental Health Plans and Medicare

Also known as Medigap, supplemental plans can assist you in paying for your deductibles and copays. Medicare, on the other hand, will give you coverage for medical, hospital and prescription drugs.


However, if you need more coverage for your prescription drugs, you may choose to explore Medicare Part D plans. They are a standalone plan that offers coverage for your drug costs.


eHealth will help you throughout the process of finding the right insurance plans. You can talk to its customer support representative at no cost. It has over 200 licensed insurance agents on standby and ready to take your calls.


Small Business Health Plan

It is ideal for owners of small businesses. Having a group Medicare supplement plans will allow you to offer medical coverage for your employees. It is available at any time of the year. To qualify for this plan, you will need to register at least one employee. Then, you can contribute to your employee premiums.


If your business as more than 50 full-time employees, then you are mandated under the Affordable Care Act to offer affordable medical coverage to your employees. Failure to do so will make you pay a tax penalty.


The overall cost of a group Medicare supplement plans will depend on the size of your business, as well as location. It also depends on the age of your employees. The rates for your group Medicare supplement plans are not influenced by your employees’ health, including their pre-existing conditions.


You may choose to offer your employees some form of flexibility by allowing them to choose an out-of-network and dentist. But this will result in a higher premium. Some of them may opt for a cheaper plan. It requires that they stay within the plan’s network when they require treatment.


Group Dental Coverage

There are plenty of options for you when you pick a group dental plan that you can provide for your employees. Most of these plans would include regular checkups and free cleanings. There is no extra charge when you choose to buy a group of dental insurance via eHealth. That is, the rate is the same when you purchase the plan directly through the insurer.


eHealth lets you compare a wide variety of plans from different insurers.


Group vision insurance

It can pay for eyeglasses and other eye-related medical care options. Many business owners offer their employees vision insurance on top of the regular small business health coverage. They do so because of the tax incentives that they can get as a reward for providing vision plans to their employees.


Other Medicare supplement plans Plans

Critical Illness Insurance

A regular Medicare supplement plans plan may help you pay for your healthcare bill. However, it entails a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. For that reason, you should consider getting a critical illness health plan.


With a critical illness plan, you will be paid directly if you are diagnosed with a critical condition, like heart attack, stroke, and cancer. It has no deductibles and copays. You will receive a lump sum cash payment to help you pay for the costs related to your serious health condition.



In this plan, you do not need to visit your doctor at his clinic every time you are sick. With telemedicine, you can obtain your doctor’s diagnosis and advice remotely and at lower costs.