Steps to Getting the Best Short Term Health Insurance

Steps to Getting the Best Short Term Health Insurance


Are you suddenly uninsured? Don’t worry, you may still qualify for a special enrollment period. If not, there is another option you can get — the best short term health insurance.

Short term health insurance is typically the last option for most individuals who lost their medical coverage because they lost their job or get a new job. No matter what the reason for your beingshort term health insurance uninsured, you can find help from a short term health plan.

It is a temporary solution that can assist you in paying for unexpected healthcare expenses. You can obtain in while you are in between job-based health plans.

There is no waiting period for this plan. Short term coverage is available at any time of the year. In some plans, you can start getting benefits as soon as the next day, that is if you qualify.

But not all short term plans are ideal for you. You must obtain a plan that is customized to your needs. Here are some ways to help you get the coverage that you need.


1.) Coverage

Short term plans’ coverage is different from major health plans. Short term coverage can pay for any unexpected bills. If you get injured from an accident or a sports injury, then a short term plan can cover you.

However, if you are looking for coverage for your pre-existing condition, then a short term plan might not be the most ideal. The reason for this is that short term plans are not compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In that case, they are not obliged to give you coverage for your pre-existing condition.

Then again, you can find some plans that will cover you for your pre-existing condition. However, these plans are rare and not all providers of short term health insurance will offer them.

A hospital plan can be added to your short term plan to make it more robust. In that case, you can get benefits for less expensive claims or more catastrophic claims. In some states, you can only use hospital indemnity insurance with major medical health insurance.


2.) Length

Apart from the coverage or benefits that you need, you must also consider the length of time you will need the short-term plan. The policy length can vary depending on the plan you choose. You can find a plan that can last up to 30 days or a policy that can last up to 364 days.

You must know that not all states offer short term health insurance. Know more about the limits and availability of short term medical insurance in your state.


3.) Premium and Deductible

Whether it is a major health plan or a short term plan, you will need to pay for the premium and deductible of a plan. How much you will need to pay for these two will depend on several things.

But the rule of thumb here is that the higher your premium is, the lower the deductible you will need to settle. Hence, if you want lower out-of-pocket expenses, then you should consider getting a higher premium plan.

If you wish to get more benefits, you will need to pay a higher premium. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to obtain a plan that can cover you for your pre-existing conditions. However, you should expect to have a higher monthly premium for this type of plan.


Short-term health insurance is not eligible for Obamacare subsidies. In that case, you cannot expect cost-sharing with this plan. You should qualify for a special enrollment period to obtain premium tax credits or get cost-sharing reductions. If you are not qualified for such an enrollment period, consider enrolling during the yearly open enrollment period to enroll in an ACA health plan. This plan will give you tax credits and obtain government subsidies.

Any insurance plans that you obtain from a private marketplace will not qualify for any reductions or government subsidies. If you need help in deciding the best plan for your budget, then speak to our agent today.


4.) Current Healthcare Providers

If you have a current doctor, for instance, and you prefer him to be your primary care physician, then make sure to obtain a plan that does not have any network restrictions. Most short term health policies do not have this type of restriction.


However, some plans partner with healthcare providers, hospitals and physicians to give their subscribers discounted rates. Thus, if you do not mind using those healthcare providers within your plan network, then you can see a lot of money through discounted care.


5.) Availability

short term health insuranceAs mentioned earlier, you can purchase a short term plan at any time of the year because there is no yearly enrollment period for this type of plan. Thus, it makes it ideal for anyone who got temporarily uninsured for some reason.


In less than a minute, you can obtain quotes from various policies and compare them before making a final decision. The good thing about most short term plans is that you can begin coverage the next day if you qualify.


Steps to Getting the Best Short Term Health Insurance Policy

1.) Request a quote

After determining that a short term health insurance is ideal for you, you should consider getting a quote. You can do so without having to visit the providers’ addresses or websites. Simply use our website to obtain quotes by entering your zip code and other basic details. Within a few seconds, you will receive policy options.


2.) Choose a plan

Once you receive the quote, compare the quotes to give you a better idea of which provider offers the best deals. When you are done comparing and found the best plan, then it is time for you to apply for that plan. Simply answer some medical questions. Then, provide your contact and payment details. Immediately, you will know whether or not your application is approved.


3.) Start Coverage

Once your application has been approved, you are now covered through a short-term plan. But you can also choose the effective start date of your plan depending on your choice. Get short term health insurance quotes today.